• March 21, 2019

Here comes an air bag to keep your phone away from smashing!

air bag for phone-Tv9 News

air bag for phone-Tv9 News

For people who always drop their phones, a German student may have come up with an answer.
An ‘active damping’ (AD) phone case has built-in sensors and eight springs that look like hooks.
The sensors can automatically identify when the phone is in free fall, and then deploy springs to catch the phone when it hits the ground.
The designer Philip Frenzel, a student from Aalen University in Germany, calls his innovation an ‘airbag’ for smartphones.
Each corner has two springs, however it is as of now unknown what measures are set up to prevent the case from activating accidentally.
A video shows the phone bouncing harmlessly after the user drops it.
After picking it back up, the user can simply fold the springs once again into the case so it’s ready for the next drop.
Frenzel won the top award from the German Society for Mechatronics for his phone case, despite the fact that the plan is as yet a model.
He has also patented the technology, which means the case could be readily available to shoppers soon.
The case seems to work superbly on flat surfaces, however there is no indication that outcomes would be as strong if the phone is dropped on an uneven edge.
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